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How long do houses stay on the market? The length of time a home sits on the market is critical information for anybody looking to buy or sell a house. 

How soon your property is sold might depend on whether you use an actual estate agent or real estate broker. Choosing a seasoned agent is the best option. Real estate agents are experts in arranging inspections, negotiating with sellers and buyers, and listing the best price for your house.

Make sure you do your homework before choosing an agent since an unskilled one can scare away a potential buyer. This method of selling has some drawbacks, including the potential for additional delays, expenses, and commissions. Listing with a real estate agent may significantly influence the average time a house is on the market and the amount of money you gain from the real estate transaction.

When selling a home in Houston, several variables such as housing market conditions, interest rates, or employment opportunities might affect how long it takes to get it sold, so let’s look at some of them in further detail. For the best time to buy a house in Houston, read here.

What Is The Average Time To Sell A House In Houston?

What is the average time to sell a house in Houston? The most recent data from Realtor shows that 35 days is the average time on the market for houses in Houston, TX. There are, however, many variables at play here. The typical range is 13 days to 172 days long. The national average is 23 days.

A home may take up to two months in McAllen and 47 days in El Paso to sell outside Houston’s hot market. Average days on the market are 43 in the state as a whole. It takes longer to sell a home if it is far from major metropolitan areas such as Houston, Dallas, and Austin and university towns such as College Station. You can find the average time to sell a house by zip code in the sections below.

Buying a home near a beach or other outdoor leisure areas may be an exception. Because of concerns about the pandemic, ranch properties remote from populous cities have seen a spike in sales.

Factors That Change Time On Market


When selling a home in Houston, location is and will always be one of the most essential elements.

How long are homes on the market in my area? Homes situated in attractive communities, close to convenient services, reputable educational institutions, and beautiful open areas and provide short commutes will sell quickly. 

People will never stop looking for pleasant and habitable places, but the locations where they find them may shift throughout time. After the COVID-19 outbreak, a greater number of potential buyers moved away from cities and other metropolitan areas in favor of more rural settings.

People’s living situations and how they purchased houses changed due to concerns about contracting COVID-19 and growing options to work remotely.

Investigate the current real estate market conditions before deciding on a sale price for your home in Houston so that you may get the most favorable deal possible.

Asking Price

The average time to sell your house has a lot to do with your asking price. Overpricing a house is a common mistake made by sellers. Overpriced properties can stay on the market for months or even years before a buyer comes along and notices them. As a result, the properties on the market may sell for less than the initial asking price or take longer to sell all together.

If you want buyers interested in your house, you need to price it as correctly as possible. Fair market value or the estimate of what home buyers could be prepared to pay for the house given its attributes and the current market should be used to determine the price.

Time Of Year

Selling your single-family home might take longer, depending on the season.

It’s no secret that the slowest months for home sales are from November through February. In addition to being slower, these months tend to be less lucrative since property values are at their lowest point in the market.

Summer and spring are the most fantastic times to sell your home. People who buy homes, particularly those with children, are eager to finish their moves in time for the start of the new school year.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the impacts of seasonality might vary significantly from region to region. 

If you’d like some help, do some market research and talk with a real estate agent or a realtor.

Housing Supply

Throughout the United States, inventory is maybe the most critical aspect, and Texas is no different. Currently, there is only a 1.7-month supply of properties on the market, according to the Texas Real Estate Research Center. Since a six-month supply of inventory is considered good, this means there aren’t many houses for sale in Texas.

There is much competition for residences under $300,000, and limited inventories exacerbate high list prices and bidding battles.

House Condition

Homes that are neat, updated, and well-maintained have a greater likelihood of selling more rapidly than those that need cleaning, repairs, or upgrades.

If you want to expedite the selling process and make it easier for prospective buyers to see themselves living in your home, give it a thorough cleaning, remove big pieces of furniture that might make a room feel cramped, and do your best to get rid of all the clutter and personal items.

Fastest And Slowest-Selling Zip Codes In Houston

These are the average days on the market by zip code.

Fastest Selling Zip Codes In Houston

Zip CodeNeighborhoodAverage Days On Market
77623High Island13
77076Northeast Houston19
77038Northwest Houston20
77041Jersey Village21
77070Northwest Houston21

Slowest Selling Zip Codes In Houston

Zip CodeNeighborhoodAverage Days On Market
77037Northeast Houston108
77010Inner Loop103
77002Clutch City84
77012Inner Loop79
77061Southeast Houston78

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